Monday, February 2, 2015

OTHELLO "Behind The Scenes": Desdemona's Netflix Queue

As we gear up for our production of OTHELLO, opening February 26 and running through March 15, 2015, our cast and creative team have decided to have some fun with the themes, characters and plot lines of this classic play. Believe us - William Shakespeare would have wanted it this way.

Desdemona’s Top 10 Netflix Queue

10. What’s Love Got To Do With It 

9. Far From Heaven

8. The Yellow Handkerchief

7. The Little Mermaid

6. Sleeping With The Enemy

5. Loving the Bad Man

4. Looking for Comedy in the Muslim World

3. Virtuous

2. Husbands and Wives

1. An Education

Bonus: To Be Added When Released on Netflix

Fifty Shades of Grey

Come see our modern-dress production of OTHELLO at The Seeing Place Theater February 26-March 15, 2015 (click for info)

What would you add to this playlist? Leave a comment!

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