Saturday, November 4, 2017

Humans of "Jack Goes Boating"

We had a lot of fun chatting with each of the characters from JACK GOES BOATING, in this interview series inspired by "Humans of New York."




"It's weird living here in New York. There are so many people and they don’t really want to talk about real things….they wanna talk about fake stuff..... handbags and how much pre-school is. It's like you meet somebody and all of a sudden BOOM you have sex. I just really have to feel my way through it. I dunno, I’m alone a lot. I just try to like breathe you know? I dunno, I just get very nervous and I talk a lot and then people think I’m weird. I don’t really feel like I fit in anywhere. I like life and I like death. If I really like escape its going to be into a book or like a really cool dystopian TV show or something. I have weird flashes in my head sometimes...flashes from past memories. Like when I was ten my little cousin died. He drowned in the lake, I was supposed to be watching him and all of a sudden he was like gone and I was blamed. They say right before you die that you can see spirits and they kind of guide you to the other side. My mom was blind but when she died her eyes focused like she was seeing something."


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"Monogamy is a tricky thing. It's an ideal that we have, I don’t know where it came from. We want others to be faithful to us, but internally it's a hard thing to fight or to resist the urge or the impulse. I've been there, I’ve been cheated on, it hurts. I feel like, maybe I’m like a toddler. You know how toddlers always want their toys even if they aren't playing with them? So it's like the second you pick up a toy that the toddler hasn’t played with in like a month they get jealous and desperately want the toy back.... you know? It's hard and I guess that kind of paints me in a negative way but..yeah it's not easy. Like I don’t want to hurt the person I'm with …that's never my intention but human attraction is so powerful. Sometimes I wonder why we even have the ability to be sexually attracted to multiple people at once."


"So...umm...I wouldn’t say that there's a lot that I got like going on you know... I live at home with my the basement. You know, it's kinda cold but it's nice, you know, to have a place. I don’t really have a lot in the way of room but I think I’m gonna work for the MTA. Like, I wanna work the tracks. I don’t really wanna be working with, like, people. I just wanna get to know the underbelly of the city, there are all these like places underground that like nobody knows about with all these hidden tunnels. I think I just really wanna get to know that."


"Things are so shitty. I miss my husband, we’re together but I miss him because he’s just not like how he used to be. And I’ve made a lot of mistakes and he’s made a lot of mistakes and I just need us to be able to like move forward....but he’s not able to do that. I need my husband to not be a child. I just miss being young and in love. We were so carefree and had sex like all the time. Oh my god, it was crazy. Anything you can imagine... we did it. Anything under the sun, even if it hadn’t been invented yet. He used to be just the right combination of both gentle and masculine, it was really great."

Photos by Sabrina Schlegel-Mejia.

You can find more about these characters by seeing JACK GOES BOATING. Get $15 tickets to the show by going to

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Shop For a Cause: Artist Flea Market 10/22!

It's FALL and you know what that means - time to do a little flea market shopping for a good cause - find UNCOMMON TREASURES at West 3rd Common!

The Seeing Place Theater, a non-profit ensemble in NYC, is raising funds for The Empathy Initiative, the ensemble's commitment to challenging oppression through 7 unforgettable works of theater.

Date: Sunday, October 22, 2017
Time: Shopping from 2-7pm | Donation drop off from 1-2pm
Location: West 3rd Common, 1 West 3rd Street, New York, NY 10012

Here's how it works:
SHOP FOR A CAUSE: Drop by West 3rd Common (West 3rd St and Broadway in the Village) between 2-7pm on Sunday, October 22. Browse through housewares, vintage clothes, books, trinkets, music and all other kinds of new & gently used items. Prices will start at $1 and up, so brings cash! (Credit cards will also be accepted for larger purchases.) 
DONATE FOR A CAUSE: You can also bring any valuable items that you'd like to donate to our cause! Drop off your items between 1pm-2pm at West 3rd Common on Sunday, 10/22 and you'll receive a tax receipt - all item donations are tax deductible.
Just a few of our actual items for sale!

ALL PROCEEDS GO TO HELP THE SEEING PLACE, an indie ensemble theater company dedicated to bringing raw & intimate work to NY audiences for about the price of a movie. MORE INFO:

West 3rd Common is donating the space for this fun event, so please eat, drink and support them while you're here! They have an amazing Bottomless Brunch until 4pm, and they're offering us happy hour specials from 4pm onward. MORE INFO:

Special Thanks To Our Ensemble: 
Juan Cardenas, Erin Cronican, Joshua George, Charlie Gillette, Isa Goldberg, Candice Oden, Chris Papavasiliou, Clinton Powell, Sabrina Schlegel-Mejia, Robin Friend Stift, Carla Torgrimson, Ari Veach, Brandon Walker.

Friday, February 10, 2017

Master Classes in Speaking Shakespeare, Self-Producing, Monologue Technique (and more!)

We're excited to announce that we're hosting a series of Master Classes February 13-20, 2017! All workshops are $39 are are designed to help and other artists learn valuable skills in the acting craft, the business of acting, and the art of theater-making!

Click here to learn more and to sign up.

You can also get 5 classes by signing up for the VIP Class Pass - it's just $149! Here are the classes you can choose from:

The week then culminates with our famous meet & greet event, the Actor/Industry Scramble, on February 20 for just $59. All proceeds go to benefit the ensemble and programming of The Seeing Place Theater.

See all of the classes being taught, and SIGN UP here:

We look forward to seeing you there!