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Cast Interview #7: Daniela Thome as "Olga" in THREE SISTERS

Welcome to our exciting series of interviews, where you can get to know the cast & creative team in our production of Three Sisters -- an adaptation by Brian Friel of Anton Chekhov's classic story.

Three Sisters runs March 9-25, 2012, Wed-Sat at 7:30pm; Sat & Sun at 2pm in New York City.

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Your Name:
Daniela Thome

Role in this Production:
Olga, eldest sister.

How long have you been acting?
On and off since age 7.

How long have you been in NYC?
Hey, that's kind of a personal question! But a little over 5 years I believe- came for acting school and then stayed.

Where are you from originally?
Chilean/Costa Rican/ Latin American mix blended with years of midwestern up rearing!

What's been your favorite role, to date?
Toughie... but either Stella Livingston whom I played in Moss Hart's Light Up the Sky, because she was so hilarious- with no filter, or Hamlet- whom I played at 17. Hamlet just has everything and very pertinent for a 17yr old.

If you could play any role in any play right now, what would it be?
Wow... Come back to me on that one in a month... but in terms of classics- I think Blanche in Streetcar would be a huge, wonderful challenge for me, as would many characters in Tennessee Williams. But right probably it's a play I haven't read yet, or hasn't been written. I'd love to develop something in collaboration with a playwright, several of which live here - like two amazing women Alexandra Beech, or my sister Andrea Thome. I'm also working on developing my own work- character who, like me, is Latina but doesn't fit into the definition of what that means here in the states, in NY, and especially in the entertainment business. I also love comedy- and am working on my comedic roles.

What's the wackiest experience you've ever had onstage?
Last summer I had to have an orgasm behind a shower curtain, after my new lover- a woman- came behind the curtain. 

What's your experience with Chekhov?
I worked a lot on The Seagull in acting school, playing Nina mostly. And I've seen some of his plays of course. I always feel like the world makes some sort of sense when I hear or read Chekhov, even if he's showing its madness.

What's been the most challenging thing about preparing for this role?
Olga has a lot of deep rooted loneliness in her and sadness that she doesn't want to show or deal with but as the actor you have to go there.

What's been the most exciting thing about the rehearsal process?
Well, we've had a lot of time to talk about our characters, the play, the time period, and that's been a luxury in some ways. But honestly the most exciting thing is watching Brian and Justin do interpretive dancing backstage or off scene. Woah! It's a very fun, sweet cast which is lovely. I also love the cat fight scenes...

What parts of yourself are similar to the character?
Being in New York as a single woman honestly bears a lot of similarity to Olga's situation in early 1900's. In my life and in hers, there is that ever present pressure to work constantly just to survive, and the feeling like something better is just around the corner.

What excites you about THREE SISTERS?
There is so much humor in this play. Solyony has some hilarious one-liners as do most characters if you listen carefully. I love the Latin throughout that Kulygin says. The friendships also excite me because I feel like that's part of what this play is about- the friendships even between family, at times, that develop and grow over the five years in this town. And then what happens when they sour, or people leave. Finally, what it means to dream and then adjust your dream.

What is your website?
Currently in development: so please check it out in a couple months...

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