Thursday, March 1, 2012

Cast Interview #5: Daniel Perez as "Roddey" in THREE SISTERS

Welcome to our exciting series of interviews, where you can get to know the cast & creative team in our production of Three Sisters -- an adaptation by Brian Friel of Anton Chekhov's classic story.

Three Sisters runs March 9-25, 2012, Wed-Sat at 7:30pm; Sat & Sun at 2pm in New York City.

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Your Name:
Daniel Perez

Role in this Production:

How long have you been acting?
Since high school. I remember being the only freshman that was cast in a production full of juniors and seniors. You can only imagine what that's done for my self esteem. Sometimes, I can still smell the inside of that locker.

How long have you been in NYC?
My entire life. Is that sad? Wait, don't answer that...

What's been your favorite role, to date?
Probably that very first production in high school. I was Erronius in A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum. I played a little old Roman land owner whose children were stolen in infancy by pirates. Sorry to say it hasn't been that exciting since.

If you could play any role in any play right now, what would it be?
Murph in The Indian Wants The Bronx.

What's the wackiest experience you've ever had onstage?
Well I wasn't on stage, but I was performing a character improvisation in class about a redneck neighbor of mine who practices tai chi and martial arts on his front lawn, in tight jeans while drinking beer. While practicing my high kick I split my pants in front of the entire class. I had to walk home in those jeans.

What's your experience with Chekhov?
None. I'm not ashamed to say, I am a Chekhov virgin.

What's been the most challenging thing about preparing for this role?
The text. The way that Roddey speaks is so far removed from the way that I naturally talk. Oh, and learning the guitar. 

What's been the most exciting thing about the rehearsal process?
Getting to work with a great group of actors and eating Subway everyday. I have a preferred customer card now. Anyone want a six inch Spicy Italian? Ok, I know that sounded weird...

What parts of yourself are similar to the character?
Not a lot. Besides our love of music, Roddey and I are nothing alike. 

What excites you about THREE SISTERS?
Bringing this contemporary version of the play to an audience that might think Chekhov is dated and out of touch.

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