Monday, March 2, 2015

SPECIAL EVENT: Talkback, "The Othered Americans" - March 4, 2015

We’re honored to welcome Qamrosh Khan back to The Seeing Place, where she will once again be our special guest speaker on Wednesday, March 4, 2015, immediately following a performance of OTHELLO by William Shakespeare.

This talkback will be an intimate post-show discussion about Qamrosh's personal experiences being treated as "other" as a Muslim American, confronting prejudice in everyday life. Qamrosh will lead the audience through a conversation about the way we see and treat Muslims in the U.S. and what the potential implications of this may be for all Americans.


OTHELLO, followed by the talkback: “THE OTHERED AMERICANS"

Wednesday, March 4, 2015 (7pm)

The Seeing Place @ The Clarion Theatre
(309 E. 26th St, just east of 2nd Ave)

$15 General Admission
Purchase Online: SmartTix
Purchase by phone: 212-868-4444

(Note: be sure to choose March 4 as the event date)

Running Time:
The play runs 3 hours including intermission. The talkback will start immediately following the play and will last 20-30 minutes.

Note: if you cannot attend this event but would like to see the play on another day, you may choose any date February 26-March 15 2015, Tues-Sat 7pm & Sun 2pm. Click here for full details.

About Our Speaker:

Qamrosh Khan is a Middle School and High School English teacher in New York City. She holds a Bachelors degree in English Literature with a concentration in creative writing, and a Masters degree in English Adolescent Education (grades 7-12). Her interests include writing short fiction & poetry, teaching, her love for the theater, and is currently working on her novel. Her goal is to provide inspiration through her writing, and build togetherness, and tolerance between people and communities around the world. She has recently created her own blog cite to inspire and address issues that people go through in everyday life

"Part of the reason I decided to take off my hijab was because of being treated differently. It's still a very sore spot for me. I wanted to practice my religion for God/modesty, but as much as this country says we are 'free' to be who we are and practice our religions, I still had to deal with the reality of people treating me differently while wearing it."

About The Seeing Place:

Now in its 6th Season, The Seeing Place is an actor-driven company: built by actors and managed by actors to be a base for actors who want to grow & hone their craft in a creative and supportive artistic home. We are forcefully committed to four elements of theatre-making: developing actors into thriving self-producers; honoring the craft of the actor’s process through rehearsal and into performance; bringing organic, “fully lived” storytelling to our community; and making theater accessible for all New Yorkers by keeping ticket prices low and affordable.

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