Monday, July 9, 2012

DONATE To Support Indie Theater

Hello, readers! If you have enjoyed reading our thoughts on the craft of acting, we hope that you'll take a moment to read this post.

We’re thrilled to be writing to you today to share our most ambitious project yet – our Summer Series including Harold Pinter’s The Lover and John Patrick Shanley’s Danny and the Deep Blue Sea. These plays are running in true repertory: Both are presented in one evening with the same cast, director and design concept. In addition, we introduce our Off Night Series, featuring intimate readings of three haunting plays that will be presented free of charge to the public.


The Seeing Place Theater is an actor-driven ensemble known for its intense and intimate work - with ticket prices anyone can afford! Since 2009, we've been forcefully committed to:

THE ACTOR'S PROCESS: Through robust table work and improvisation, we focus on honoring the actor's artistry in creating a character and building a story, which extends from rehearsal into performance. It's a pro-actor philosophy, and it's rare in today's market.

ORGANIC STORYTELLING: Unlike other companies, we do not set staging (blocking) or cement our choices in advance. Instead, what audiences get to see is a group of actors "in the moment" - working off one another to tell a fresh story that is never the same night to night. It's daring, it's exciting, and yes... a little bit dangerous!

COMMUNITY VALUE: We produce our shows in Hell's Kitchen in the heart of midtown Manhattan, a community hungry for strong, independent theater to combat the high priced, commercial offerings of Broadway. We've been awed by the positive response by critics & audiences about the unique, quality work we've been able to share at the independent theater level.

But don't take our word for it:

"In these recession strapped times, it's the best deal on or off Broadway." - Will Kenton, Cultural Capitol (from a review of this year's production of CLOSER)


We're passionate about offering quality performances at a price that any patron can afford. That's why, at The Seeing Place, tickets to our shows are only $12. (Seriously!) But we can't do this without your help.

We're asking for $8000 from our friends, family and supporters to help offset the costs of performance rights ($1850) and performance space ($6300) in additional to materials for costumes, sets and props ($1000+) and salaries for our ensemble ($1000+.) Normally, theaters raise their ticket prices in order to cover costs but that often puts too much financial pressure on the patron.

So... raising these funds now will allow us to subsidize our tickets so that more people can afford to attend live theater at a reasonable price. It also allows us to offer a free reading series, open to the public over 6 engaging evenings.

FUTURE IMPACT? If we reach this goal, 100% of ticket proceeds can be earmarked for our next production, Sam Shepard's biting and acerbic play, A LIE OF THE MIND - opening our 4th Season in Fall 2012.

With your help, we can stay a part of that small yet vital minority of financially solvent non-profit theater companies that produce relevant, well-written and compelling theater that reflects its dynamic community.

Check out this video, which introduces you to who we are and what we're all about (be sure to see the outtakes at the end!)


"If you like serious theater, this is the real deal..." - Cheryl Benton, The Three Tomatoes (LOOK BACK IN ANGER)

"How often does the opportunity arise to see one of the greatest American playwright's work produced by a company that takes their work as seriously as this one does, and delivers results that prove how effective that work is?" - Toby Ring Thelin, Theatre Knights (& Daze) (WAITING FOR LEFTY)

"This play can only be performed successfully with the type of chemistry that The Seeing Place demonstrates... This is the second production I have reviewed from The Seeing Place, and I haven’t seen a better indie theater value out there yet." - Chris McKittrick, Daily Actor (THREE SISTERS)

“If nothing else, you’ll be supporting a theater company with “for-the-people” principals. You’ll be supporting a theater company that deserves it." - Weston Clay, Theater is Easy (SCOTCH KISS)

 You may donate online or you may send a check**, made out to “The Seeing Place Theater Inc,” and mail it to:

The Seeing Place Theater
C/O Cronican/Walker
165 E 87th St, Suite 3FW
New York, NY 10128

You can download a form here to assist you with your contribution.

**Note - If you need a tax deduction, make the check out to "Fractured Atlas" and put "The Seeing Place Theater" in the subject heading. Fractured Atlas is our fiscal sponsor and will handle the tax deduction.

IF YOU'RE IN NYC: You can come to see our shows! More information can be found here

Thank you so much for your enduring friendship and support. We’ll see you at the theater!

Brandon Walker, Erin Cronican
and the rest of The Seeing Place Ensemble


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