Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Creative Team Interview #2: Preesa Adeline Bullington, Costume Designer for THREE SISTERS

Welcome to our exciting series of interviews, where you can get to know the cast & creative team in our production of Three Sisters -- an adaptation by Brian Friel of Anton Chekhov's classic story.

Three Sisters runs March 9-25, 2012, Wed-Sat at 7:30pm; Sat & Sun at 2pm in New York City.

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Your Name: 
Preesa Adeline Bullington

Role in this Production: 
Costume Designer

How long have you been designing?
7ish years I guess. Though I started designing clothing for my stuffed animals, dolls and...cats when I was very young. As well as always designing my own halloween costumes. I think the first time I really designed costumes for theatre was for a production of The Fantasticks when I was a junior in high school.

How long have you been in NYC? 
I moved to Ithaca NY last may to work at Hangar Theatre for the summer, during my time in Ithaca I came down to NYC as often as possible and then moved here the end of August.

Where are you from originally?
Seattle WA

What's been your favorite project, to date? 
Oh probably when I designed Hair at The University of Washington. I love that clothing style and passion of that time period and that play. Researching it and trying to find a truth to the costumes while still maintaining a specific design was fun. It was also great to be able to go through a bunch of my parents old clothes and use some of them as costume. Aside from that the production sold out every night and after our run in Seattle we were able to take it to Vancouver BC to perform at a large casino venue where the cast an crew all got to stay for free!

If you could work on any play right now, what would it be?
Pterodactyls by Nicky Silver. It was by no means the first play I ever read or saw but one of the first ones that stuck with me and that I often thing about. 

What's the wackiest experience you've ever had in the theater? 
In college we had something called "Theatre Dangerously" where you could do whatever you wanted basically. A few of my friends put together a Japanese game show style relay competition in which a part of it involved partners licking peanut butter off opposites sides of a piece of glass at the same time, then drinking a liter of 7-Up. Im very competitive and I won, and then I threw up...all over the stage.

What's your experience with Chekhov? 
Studying in in classes, reading it.

What's been the most challenging thing about working on/preparing for this project? 
Figuring out what the key elements that will be important to have to really showcase the characters.

What excites you about Three Sisters
The humanity.

To learn more about Preesa, visit her website at

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