Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Cast Interview: Marnie Klar in MISS JULIE

Your Name:
Marnie Klar

Role in this production:

What's been your favorite role, to date?
 Joan in “Love Song,” as it was an emotional roller coaster and playing with such a dynamic cast, I felt as if I were always on my toes.

What's the wackiest experience you've ever had onstage?  
While playing the role of Cinderella in “Into The Woods,” the wire lowering my birds broke and they fell into my hands as I was singing “fly birds, back to the sky…” The died!  I had to walk them off stage as in a burial procession.

What's been the most challenging thing about preparing for this role?  
The most challenging part of Christine has been getting to her core and understanding her place of servitude.

What's been the most exciting thing about the rehearsal process?  
Using The Seeing Place’s rehearsal process to uncover the layers of Christine and personalize them for myself.

What parts of yourself are similar to the character? 
I think I’m similar to Christine in her strength and practicality. 

What's next for you (with The Seeing Place, or other)?  
I’ll be performing in my newest cabaret, “Accidental Happiness,” opening on April 13th at Don’t Tell Mama.  www.marniklar.com for more information.

MISS JULIE runs March 3-12, 2013
Sun at 7pm,  Mon at 6pm & 9pm, Tue at 7pm, in New York City.
For tickets, click here.

For more info about The Seeing Place, click here.
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