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Introducing Brandon Walker, appearing as "Peter"/"Craig" in DYING CITY and directing TWO ROOMS

As a special feature on opening week, we're excited to introduce you to our cast and creative team, who talked with us about their life as actors and their experience of creating the world of DYING CITY.

DYING CITY opens February 21 and runs through March 9 - Wed-Sat at 7pm and Sat-Sun at 2pm. For tickets and information, click here

Introducing: Brandon Walker, who is playing Peter/Craig in DYING CITY and is directing TWO ROOMS. Here is his first-hand account of his life as an actor & director, and his perspective on working with this production.

Full Given Name:
Brandon Kristopher Walker (spelled with a 'K' to avoid the nickname "Before Christ" in elementary school - Thanks, Dad!)

Where you were born/where you were raised: 
San Diego, CA

Zodiac Sign:
Cancer. Because I've always needed another mother.

What your parents did/do for a living:
My Dad is an entrepreneur in marketing. My Mom is a Postal Clerk.

My Sister is manager at Subway.

Favorite food of all time: 
"Mike's Mess" at Zachary's Restaurant in Santa Cruz. Or a Wild Boar Benedict at the Hash House in San Diego.

Special skills: 
That's private.

Something you're REALLY bad at:

If you could go back in time and catch any Broadway or Off Broadway show, what would it be?:
THE GLASS MENAGERIE with Laurette Taylor - just to see what all of the fuss was about.

Did you have any particular mentors or inspirations as a young actor?: 
Blair Hambuechen, Richard Baird, Jonathan Sachs, Francis Gercke, and Matt Scott.

What age did you start acting, and what was the project:
Abraham Lincoln in a class presentation in 4th grade. It wasn't pretty.

Current show other than your own you have been recommending to friends:
WAITING FOR GODOT. I wish I could afford it.

Favorite plays:
So many. But right now, I'm mostly in love with TWO ROOMS, DYING CITY, and LONG DAYS JOURNEY INTO NIGHT (because of its importance in DYING CITY)

Most embarrassing moment on stage:
Probably when I knocked down a wall during an in-house preview of ANDROCLES AND THE LION for all of the head honchos at The Old Globe. Either that or when I almost killed myself, diving into a bush to retrieve a box of TicTacs during a benefit performance of A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM.

What's your favorite part about being a part of The Seeing Place?:
I love being able to live through my work in rehearsals and onstage - which is always a fight elsewhere.

What most excites you about your involvement with TWO ROOMS / DYING CITY?:
I'm really getting a very big artistic workout, playing two characters in DYING CITY and directing TWO ROOMS. Even playing and co-directing HAMLET felt a bit less exhausting - at least in rehearsals. I'm definitely looking forward to an easier workload once we open. But I'll probably miss it, too. I'm one of those people that seems to really love to suffer for my art. God only knows why - if there is a God. If not, I guess we'll all be at quite a loss. Or not. Either way, it doesn't really matter. And even if it did, what can we do about it? Does that answer your question? Are there ever any answers? This message has been brought to you by 4am, ladies and gentlemen. Goodnight.

Brandon Walker is an NYIT nominated actor for his work in The Seeing Place's DANNY AND THE DEEP BLUE SEA. Other previous shows with The Seeing Place: MEN IN WHITE (Dr. Ferguson); HAMLET (Hamlet); ROSENCRANTZ AND GUILDENSTERN ARE DEAD (Hamlet); A LIE OF THE MIND (Jake), LOVE SONG (Beane), THE CREDEAUX CANVAS (Winston), WHEN WE HAVE GONE ASTRAY (Ira), WAITING FOR LEFTY (Sid), LOOK BACK IN ANGER (Jimmy), TWELFTH NIGHT (Malvolio), CLOSER (Dan), THREE SISTERS (Andrey), and THE LOVER (Richard). He has worked with The Old Globe, La Jolla Playhouse, Poor Players, New Village Arts, Moxie Theatre, ion Theater, North Coast Rep, Sierra Rep, and Barnstormers Theater. Member AEA. Training: David Gideon. Such a joy to share the stage with this glorious ensemble – special thanks to Erin Cronican for keeping me from going mad.

DYING CITY opens February 21 and runs through March 9 - Wed-Sat at 7pm and Sat-Sun at 2pm. For tickets and information, click here

It runs in repertory with TWO ROOMS, which runs at 9pm and 4pm on the same dates. For tickets and information, click here.

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